The Hopeful Generation

What makes you say that this year 2013 will be worse or better than 2012? Ice Club Madagascar’s members had discussed on Saturday 18th January. I’m among these English lovers since 2011 (Yes, I have a social life apart of my presence on the web), and I can say that it was a particular meeting. The reason is of course, this was our first meeting for this year, so everybody had smiley face. But the thing which was so fussy was we got a lot of new members. They are young, they speak English very well; much more than me, and especially they are optimist.

Photo. Ice Club Madagaxcar
Photo. Ice Club Madagaxcar

Most of those new members are students or freshly graduated; some are even still in high school. But their adolescence does not obstruct them to show their opinion. Through their intervention, we can hear a gust of hope. Then, according to this faction of Malagasy youthful English lovers; this year is better that the last one. To them, the “dooms day legend” shadowed the end of 2012, so from this catastrophic event did not happen, human been can start a new era of expectant. To live entirely that new period, we must work, “and we should be less lazy” as they said. That vision is free of political grounds or religious announcement; it is honest. Young people believe that we will have a nice year. And even during 2012, some of them succeed their exam or got new job and pleased events in their life, they trust that 2013 is greater.

So, why should not be this year a hopeful one? Indeed, Ice Club Madagascar has begun this year with cheers and many huge events will come. And as a quote says, “joy is transmittable; be with happy people and you will be happier.” This group of English lovers likes to be gathered because they share the same vision: life moves higher and great things are coming forward!


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