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All of us think that to protect our environment, we should do lots of thing. However, we have already done most of them since long time ago, bar climate change hang around our earth life in. Of course, planting a tree is a civilian duty and creating a department against bush-fire is a good decision. We must accept too that cutting woods and hunting lemurs to be illegally exported are a real slaughter to our biodiversity. But we should know also that some lifestyle may lend a hand to our atmosphere to be more viable. Here are few tips to do in our daily life which could bring many changes:

1) Home:
– Most of people are used to make their TV Set on Stand-by position whole night or when they are not home. They think that it does not waste energy. Although, it does because some element inside it continue to work even the screen is not on. So, before you leave home, putoff the wire. It is both economic and out of harm’s way.

– We do often have this bad habit to open the fridge. It is not only bad to your fridge window and our food inside it but every time you open it, the temperature increase. Then, to carry on the former one, it restarts to work.

– House designers have yet done big development on toilet slush. Nowadays, we can have 2 kinds of push button on it: one to pour little water and one for whole the container.

– We should follow that indication to keep water. But if your toilet has not that gadget and the pot is too large though, it is possible to put a bottle (1liter for example) inside the vase. It will reduce the capacity of it.

– We may economize water when we take a bath too. Instead of causing flow, it is easy to decant the water in a bucket. We can know by it how many water do we exactly need and it is going to become a habit.

2) At work:
– We are always tempted to shut our computer on even we don’t work on it. As the same thing with the TV Set, plug it out and you will see that it will work quickly at the moment you really need it.

– Business meetings need a lot of packet of paper. Printing, publishing and photocopying are all the time done only on the recto side of the paper. Then, we have 2 papers with 2 empty faces in its place of 1 paper with all faces printed. It weight becomes insignificant. It is thin and ecological.

– Architects work on ecologic buildings management. The trend is now about Open Work Space. Its have its inconvenience but many advantages can be taken through it: Few illuminations can light for all workers. Some development has been finding also on air conditioning system. Furniture management can help the workplace to stay warm.

3) Cars:
– Cars have their place in current daily life. Since the petroleum crisis, engineers have made progress around their fuel-consummation. If we can afford those cars with new technology, we can do though something to lessen ours. Ensure that your 4 wheels are right inflated. Deflated wheel forces the engine to work harder. But if it is too overblown, it causes accident.

– Avoid putting your car under the sun light on the park, if you could. You will not use the air conditional whe, you go into her.
That was a short guideline on how every one can take part on environment protection. They are not enough but they may do something to ameliorate our life. To sum it up, as often as we accustomed to do them, we will be taken by habit to be attentive about those little actions which would revolutionize daily life


2 thoughts on “Ecolos Life Style

  1. Thank you man for these pieces of advice. I unconsciously do some of those bad habits loool.

    I pretty like the idea of Earth Hour and Tana sans moteur. I guess we should have them more often and promote these kind of action to have a broader and deeper impact.

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