Yes, we can

Even Malagasy people have their mother’s tongue, they are open to others languages as French and English. The former is caused by the history but the second one comes from a little bit unusual way. I don’t want to repeat these clichés of “we are Islanders so we should master foreign languages”. That’s too weird. Take a look around and you’ll see that Malagasy speak and write English because, first, it’s a trend. It’s romantic to say “I love you! <3” when a boy woos a pretty girl on the street. If a ,taxi-brousse’ want to impressed passengers or to strike awe into concurrent, it’s used to put a fashioned sticker with “Bad Boy” or “God is Love” in capital letters on the body of the car. Second, it’s also useful to speak English nowadays. If you buy a mobile phone, the notice book is written with two choices: Chinese or English. Then, if you would like to know how you could send a lovely SMS to some friends without redoing the same action thousand times, it’s better to catch some English words. It happen too when you buy noodle. As most of them are from Asia, and as slit eyed people are renowned to cook odd foods, it’s more attentive to verify its ingredients.

The next reason is that English opens doors, or not. One day, I did a job interview. At the beginning, interviewers speak French. I wasn’t in my ease. Then I asked them if it is possible to continue it in English. They were so amazed. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the post. Not because I spoke English but I’m too old to do it.

Actually, all of those arguments are fake. Let’s speak English because we should manage it if we would like to improve our personality. English give us several opportunities like interesting books, attractive web sites. Then if you would like to be among open-minded people, use English as a daily language. Join an English speakers group on your facebook account, for example, or a lively English club and practice it.


3 thoughts on “Yes, we can

  1. I couldn’t agree more Mandimby. English language is a good way (or tool if you want) to help you broad your mind, thoughts and knowledge. Great post!

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