Let’s Blog #Madagascar

Last night, I attended the Antananarivo Miblaogy meeting. This is a periodical meeting between malagasy bloggers and IT addicted. I felt so little among those people who are professional in these fields. I’ve published my blog just for 7 mounths now, so id front of a guy who has done it since 1994, a dark corner at Outcool Cyber should be my right place. But the community is cool and the place was hot, I felt in my ease. In fact, the aim of the meeting is to get fun together. Of course, computers and mobile phones followed everywhere sending some tweets while discussion .

That was a time when we can share opinions and compare experiences. Even the malagasy’s bloggosphere is still tiny, all of those guys are motivate to promote it. As the meeting was only organized for bloggers who live in Antananarivo, we think that it’s wiser to axpand it to all other friends in whole Madagascar. Actually, we have not any right statistics about the rate of bloggers here in Madagascar.

a part of this meeting, last week was a dynamic time to the malagasy bloggesphere in generale. Two training programs were organized at the Press Center of Madagascar. They thought that it is important to give us, aspecialy who are begginers like me, to manege few tools that wer can use to improve our research. It is also very important that we know how share aour posts to the largest receiver on the web. And they are right to do it because the training was not only to bloggers but journalists could do it and discover lots of new madia besides their traditional news paperN

To summarize, blogging system grows step by step in Madagascar. It means that freedom and democracy has their place despite the crisis. Hope that it will continue and no political decision trouble it.


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