Malagasy poeple: WAIT AND SEE

During 2 days, Sad comunity had organised a meeting  to link a peaceful relationship between tha 2 malagasy  main political leaders. That was hold in Seychelles on July 24th and.25th. During these days, nothing  was communicating to malagasy poeple even it’s an important to them and  their social and economical situation. We know that malagasy are used to wait but they can(t accept to be disrespeted as the international community does. Even in this following statement from them, anything say about how Sadc pay attention to these poeple.

Press Statement on the Meeting with Malagasy Political LeadersFollowing the SADC Extraordinary Summit of Heads of State and Government held on 01 June 2012 in Luanda, Republic of Angola, the Chairperson of the Organ on Politics, Defense and Security Cooperation and President of the Republic of South Africa, H.E Jacob Zuma, in consultation with the Organ Troika, convened a meeting between H.E. Marc Ravalomanana  the President of the Transition and H.E. former President Marc Ravalomanana in the Republic of Seychelles from the 24th to the 25th July 2012.

The meeting took place within the context of ensuring full implementation of the Roadmap aimed at ending the crisis in the Republic of Madagascar. Before commencing the meeting, H.E President Jacob Zuma, observed a moment of silence in respect of the death of H.E Atta Mills, the late President of the Republic of Ghana. In attendance was H.E James Michel, President of the Republic of Seychelles and host of the meeting.

In this regard, the meeting was held in a peaceful and serene environment on Desroches Island, Seychelles, hosted by the Government of the Republic of Seychelles. Discussions were cordial and the participants displayed good leadership. All the parties were satisfied with the progress that had been made in bringing H.E Andry Rajoelina and H.E Marc Ravalomanana together in search for a lasting political solution in Madagascar. The presence of the two leaders was a clear indication of their commitment towards finding a lasting solution to end the political crisis in the country.

During the meeting it was agreed that the two leaders should reconvene to conclude on the outstanding issues stemming from the implementation of the Roadmap in order to report to the Ordinary Summit of the Heads of State and Government.

The meeting expressed gratitude to H.E President James Michel, the Government, and the people of the Republic of Seychelles for their generosity and hospitality.


26 July 2012


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