You are beautiful

It is always incredible how friendship may change your life. But when it happens, you are more thankful than amazed. We have all these friends within we can share secrets that we never said to others. You share dreams that will never come, goals to achieve and bad luck which blocks you. All of us have these persons who believe in what we say and follow what we do. They know your weakness and tolerate it, but know also your force and trust in it. If you do fool things, they don’t hesitate to correct you. And when something bright comes in your life, an honest smile draws their faces. No competition, no jealousy and there is not any lie between you. A piece of advice from them is always welcome and their nosiness is quietly accepted. You are always impatient to meet them to snack, to watch a movie or just to hang out. These particular times animate your whole life and increase your self-confidence.

A little loaf of bread, a boil of French-fries or a glass of beer brings them in your mind. The soft ringtone of the phone takes your breath away. No matter even they got to hide the number, you feel that it’s them and not worry to reach. One call from them, one sms or one private message on facebook is enough to make your day special. A simple “good night” brings dreams through the night. They do hope that you will do the same and they are right because you happily reply. You don’t need to tell lots of word to be understood and their weird sentences have meaning for you. Your joke excites them and your sadness embarrasses their soul.

I met these friends. And since, my mind has been open. I don’t mind who I was or what I did before, now I know that I am among the best people in the world. I don’t dread to start the future because it will be with them.

And 1.000 or 10.000 or whatever miles could separate us; we know that together, you can lean on each other.


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