Sad, I was when I’ve heard that some endemic Malagasy’s lemurs will be exported to the miniscule island of Mosquito. This place is the property of the rich producer Richard Branson. Since he had got this Island in the Pacific Ocean, he has began to gather different kind of animals to fill his private park. The aim is, first, to “protect these animals. but the another goal is to attract tourists.
We know, endemics creatures are among the most interesting things tourists likes. Then, sure that his Island will be the most attractive place in the world.
I was sad because we, malagasy poeple, don’t know how worth is our Environement. We don’t have any idea how to earn money through it, not by selling one afer one all of our endemic animals and vegetables, but to create place where a nut guy as Richard could spend money to watch them.
Unfortunately, we are too poor and perhaps too “lemurs minded” to do it.

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