Get wider!

Get wider! « Ny ranomasina no valamparihiko! », literally the cost is the frontier of my kingdom, said Andrianampoinimerina, one of the greatest merina’s King. Of course, as a person who lived during the XVIIIth century; he was a visionary. His vision was to gather all Madagascar’s tribes and societies into an only one and unique nation and state. Then he used to catch the others fiefs by war or most of the time by alliance. We know the romantic story of his son Radama I, who believed in his father’s idea and accepted to be married with pretty Rasalimo, the king of Menabe’s daughter, to keep peace. If Andrianampoinimerina were a visionary, what would we be? We, who live with all those information and communication technologies, could we accept to be disunion by our difference of our way of living, our way of thinking or our knowledge skill. I don’t think so. Then, accept that we are one, Malagasy is a Nation including more than 18 tribes and thousands cultures. And let say together “the world is our frontier”. Lots of us are married with a foreigner, isn’t it? Some of us manage 3 or more languages, apart of our mother and dialectic tongues. So why couldn’t we reach this goal. That why we are belong all of these regional, international communities. Let’s use them to take our right place. Let’s use ICT to convince them that we are proud and can do something wider than they pretend.



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